About Us

Peperuka is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that weaves African stories and connects cultures through unique products with powerful iconography and language that are inspired by every day life; start conversations and share ideas. We timestamp and archive cultural moments into popular portable wares so that we are continuously in touch with, feel proud of and tell the world who we are.

We exist to craft and curate quality, eco-friendly, afro-inspired treasured pieces that amuse, inspire and bring happiness to our customers, community and employees.

We believe in being free, hope, love and peace. We use, as much as possible, local sourced materials and promote sustainability to create a cleaner better world. We work in partnership with suppliers who empower their communities, have ethical working conditions and practice fair trade. A percentage of all proceeds goes to Peperuka Foundation which runs Changamka – a programme for young girls in the creative industry. For all purchases made from the Wangari Maathai line, we plant a tree. For us, business is a force for social good.

We create for the young at heart who craves original, contemporary, quality, Afro-inspired everyday items that tell a unique Kenyan story.

We see a world where every day items that are inspired by the African experience are enjoyed on the global market. We seek to expand the contemporary memories of who we are as Kenyans by the work we do. Our work sets out to spark imagination and challenge what it really means to be Kenyan – where it flows from and to; who crafts these ideas, what are the Englishes we speak; and ultimately, what connects us beyond the usual tropes of gender, age and tribe.